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Uncategorized May 12, 2021

I’ve been talking a lot about leaky gut this week because it’s something that a lot of my patients have been bringing up in their appointments.

I think this is because leaky gut has been popping up a lot on social media and in articles, podcasts, etc.

I love that leaky gut is being brought into awareness because it’s a really important topic. And I think it’s something that affects a lot more people than realize it.

But I think there is some misinformation, so I wanted to talk about it.

If you want a good background post on leaky gut check out THIS blog post.

So we’re all on the same page let’s define leaky gut:

  • Essentially your intestinal lining is “semi-permeable” it allows small particles through but blocks bigger things like undigested food & pathogens
  • When the intestinal lining gets damaged the permeability increases. This means it may let in larger food particles & pathogens like bad bacteria
    • These things then enter your bloodstream and cause an immune reaction
    • And this can cause symptoms like skin issues, joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, autoimmune conditions & obviously gut symptoms

This is why I think leaky gut affects more people than realize it. A lot of the time leaky gut can be behind your symptoms even if you DON’T have any gut issues.


How to address a leaky gut case

Let's talk about Kate.

Kate has been dealing with gut issues for at least 5 years. She has loose stool, bloating, pain, acne & is tired all of the time. She was motivated to book her appointment because she had been reading a lot about leaky gut, was pretty sure she had it, but didn’t know how to treat it.

Based on her symptoms it’s likely that Kate does have leaky gut.

As an aside, I also think most people who have issues with their gut, skin, hormones, energy, adrenals, or pretty much anything have leaky gut.

So the logical thing to do, and what Kate was asking for, is treat the leaky gut.

But this is not the right first step (at least in my opinion). And this is the mistake I see happen a lot when people try and treat themselves or even with other health practitioners.

They see leaky gut, or assume leaky gut and move straight to treating it.

The problem with this is that if you treat without figuring out the root cause of the leaky gut your symptoms will always come back.

Think of trying to plug the holes in a bucket while new holes are still being created. The leakiness continues. But if you first stop new holes from being created, then fix the holes the leakiness stops.

You need to spend time figuring out why the leaky gut happened in the first place and remedy those things before you move on to treatment of the leaky gut.

So this is what we did in Kate’s case.


Leaky Gut Success

First we identified and removed anything that may have been triggering her leaky gut.

In general the things that I look for are:

  • Pathogens: things like bacteria, parasites or yeast that may be irritating the gut lining
  • Medications: things like NSAIDs, PPIs, hormonal contraceptives or chronic antibiotic use that may be disrupting the gut
  • Inflammation triggers: this is a BIG one (and probably the most important); I look for sources of inflammation in the diet, poor eating habits, environmental toxins, and sources of stress. All of these things can trigger significant inflammation which can disrupt the integrity of your gut lining.

Once the cause of the leaky gut has been identified and remedied you can move your attention on to treating the leaky gut.

  • This can vary person to person but generally includes supplements & diet and lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation, correct nutritional deficiencies, and heal the gut lining


I really want you to understand that in order to fully fix your leaky gut you need to first understand why it’s happening and correct that before you even consider treating the leaky gut. I see so many people that are frustrated because treatment hasn’t worked in the past for them, and I think in a lot of these cases it’s because the root cause hasn’t been addressed.

If you need help fixing your leaky gut you can get started here:



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