Designed for women who want to understand WHY they're bloated & WHAT to do about it.

This program is for you if...

  • You're struggling with constant bloating, IBS, or constipation
  • You're not willing to accept bloated as your new normal
  • You want to understand why your bloated instead of relying on a restricted diet forever
  • You want to regain your confidence & feel like YOU again 

I'm Ready!

Do you...

End your day bloated more often than not?

Avoid certain outfits in your closet because they're not bloat-friendly?

Struggle to have a normal bowel movement?

Notice your confidence dropping by the day?

Feel frustrated because nothing seems to work for you?


This is for me!

I’m Dr. Emily Freistatter.

I struggled with my gut for a solid 8 years. Bloating was my normal for way too long.

I didn’t get it. On paper I was doing everything right. And I bet you feel this way too.

But here’s the secret.

There’s way more that needs to be addressed than just diet and supplements when your goal is to fix your bloat and prevent it from coming back again.

And unfortunately these are the things that most people aren’t talking about.

The real truth is that if you’re experiencing constant bloating it’s because your gut microbiome is imbalanced.

This is what you need to address to get rid of your bloating.

This is what I will teach you in The Bloating Breakthrough.

My vision for you is...

To identify the root cause of your bloating.

To fix the problem so that you can eat the foods you want.

To create a balanced lifestyle that works for your gut rather than against it.

To regain time to think about your life rather than your bloating.

To understand your gut & how the way you live your life affects it.

To trust that your body can heal.

To find the most confident & radiant version of yourself.

What's included:

The 3 pillars that NEED to be addressed to fix your bloating

  • Module 1: Release Inflammation
  • Module 2: Regulate Your Nervous System
  • Module 3: Reduce Environmental Toxin Exposure

Video lessons explaining WHY they are important and WHAT to do about them

Clear action steps so that you can start implementing & feeling better ASAP

3 guides to keep you on task & on track

Investment: $229 CAD